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Finding a Good Exterior Paint Supplier in a $142 Billion Industry (Only If It Was That Easy)

on April 14, 2014

Okay, they are yet to touch that mark, the $142 Billion one, but if sources are to be believed, they would be there soon, in fact, by the end of the next year. So, painting is a big industry, no doubt. And if you were to find a good exterior paint supplier here, well, you may be looking for a needle in a haystack. Or maybe not! If you look for a paint that’s good for both coastal and urban environments, how many suppliers would you be looking at? What if you narrow them down further? Say, you specify the criteria – long term protection and resistance to UV radiation and wind-driven rain.

How many suppliers offer that kind of paint? And if you keep tabs on the trends and have a consumer base that follows them too, it may be easier for you to single out a supplier. Well, if that doesn’t help, you can always think of what may go wrong with a surface and whether or not the paint can do something about it. For instance, temperature changes and moisture can play spoilsport. Even worse, both winters and summers can lead to those cracks that everyone hates. Then there are other problems as well, including blistering.

Now, these are problems that a professional paint must address – but, the question is, does it? If it does, you may have found a really good supplier. Go ahead with the purchase.

[Good News: ASTEC Paint is one such supplier of exterior paint. in Australia]


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