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Paint – A Protectant

on May 15, 2014

It is a fact that sun, rain, wind and snow can take their toll on any building. Also, we all know what wind and rain can do to the outside of a house over a period. The building envelope, which includes roofs, windows, doors, etc., is subjected to harsh climatic variations throughout the year. Environmental pollution can also put stress on the exterior of a building. So, if we understand the effects these weather conditions can have on a building, we can actually develop a maintenance plan which can increase the life of a building.

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There are many ways to protect buildings from weather-related damage. One of them is paint. Paints and coatings are applied to buildings to protect them from environmental damage and enhance their aesthetic appeal. Any building’s looks are improved when it is painted. With the help of paints, a building requires less maintenance, becomes easy to clean and will stay beautiful for many years to come.

Nowadays, paints are available in the market which can improve the appearance and are also energy efficient for your building. The market is flooded with options, when it comes to paints. From heat reflexive coatings to Texture Finishes, from roof restoration coatings to concrete repair coatings and from interior finishes to exterior finishes, choices are almost unlimited. Identifying the needs of your building according to weather conditions of your region could be the first step in deciding the kind of paint you should go for. Definitely, choosing a colour of paint is very important but so is the right type of paint for your building. One has to choose wisely as the longevity of building is at stake


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