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Here’s how Texture Coating is better than Painting

on June 9, 2014

As the name suggests, texture coating is a kind of coating, which unlike paint, imparts a slightly rough textural effect. It is not only different from paint, but also better in many ways. Here’s how:

  • Painting does give a makeover to a residential or commercial space, but because it needs to be done frequently, it may turn out to be costly overall. However, texture coating delivers lasting results and doesn’t call for frequent paint jobs. It is more economical that way.
  • In comparison to typical paint, texture paint has several benefits such as colour retention and moisture & dirt resistance.
  • Texture finish is the latest trend. Unlike paint, it gives a contemporary look to the surface it is applied on. So a texture coating system is a good option for anyone who needs a modern-day look but does not wish to spend a lot of money.
  • Paint is seldom durable. But texture paint is different. Its application ensures that there is no need to paint the interior and exterior surfaces in the coming few years.
  • Paint has its share of drawbacks, including chalking and fading. However, texture finish easily addresses these drawbacks.

Therefore, it can be safely concluded that texture coating does a much better job at protecting the interior and exterior surfaces of a building. Get assistance from Astec Paints’ services.


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