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Here’s how you can achieve the Desired Results with a Texture Finish

on July 10, 2014

A texture finish or paint can add a new dimension to an otherwise dull-looking surface. But for this, it is important that the paint is applied in the right way, using the right equipment. In short, this is what needs to be done:

First of all, you must cover the application area properly so that it remains free of dust as well as foreign material. The area can be uncovered later, when you are all set to apply the paint. For application, you can decide on your own, whether you want to apply the texture finish using a brush and roller or spray equipment. However, if you use the equipment recommended by the manufacturer, you can expect better results.


Whatever equipment you choose, just make sure it helps you finish the paint job efficiently and in no time.

Furthermore, it is also advisable to use the correct application technique. That’s because it’s the technique that determines the opacity and sheen level of a texture coating system. Once the paint has been applied, it’s time for you to identify the errors, if any, so that you can take corrective actions and achieve the desired results.

Tip: If possible, also cover the adjoining surfaces, prior to the application of the texture paint. 

We, at ASTEC Paints, offer a wide range of textures. Click here to give your room a unique touch!


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