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Here’s Why Texture Coating Can Prove Beneficial in the Long Run

on September 8, 2014

Texture coating is a high quality acrylic latex coating to be used on residential and commercial exteriors. It is available in numerous combinations of colours and textures. The texture helps to conceal rough and irregular surfaces.

Type of Surfaces for Its Applications:

Few surfaces like stucco surfaces, pre-cast concrete surfaces and concrete masonry units are naturally porous and easily cracked. Due to this, the moisture gets in and deteriorates the surfaces which are exposed to the outdoor environment. Texture coating fills the gaps between the pores and cracks by creating a flexible coating and thereby providing an extra protection. During the cold weather when the walls shrink, this coating stretches, and in hot weather, it contracts, ensuring a barrier throughout the year.

The Benefits:

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Texture coatings are known to be water-resistant, weather proof, heat reflective, mould and mildew-resistant, and need low maintenance. You can reduce your maintenance costs and save significantly on energy bills. Texture coating provides a new finish and contains reflective material that protects the surfaces from harmful UV rays which can quickly fade ordinary paint.

A paint blocks stucco’s ability to breathe whereas texture coating provides the long-lasting protection. If applied with the help of professionals, it will totally eliminate the need to paint your exterior walls. Even if you just need to do repairs only, after its application, all imperfections are covered and a beautiful finish is provided. You will not have to worry about cracking, flaking and peeling of surfaces any more.

To reap the full benefits of texture coating, it is advisable to seek the help of professionals as they know the right technique of its application. All steps like trenching, hydro blast, scraping and sanding, patch and repair, masking, coating application and clean up should be done with great care.


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