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Ornate the Archaic Walls with Render Coatings

on December 29, 2014

You never notice how and when the walls with peeling paint or poor coatings become so unsightly, and even worse, when you get this problem fixed, it occurs again in the next few months. This miserable cycle that makes your living room look so lousy may not come to an end, unless these problems are dealt with:Picture1

Render & Types of Render

The question is: can a single solution address these problems? Yes! Render coatings can, especially because they are available in different variants, and you can easily choose one that meets your needs. A render is actually a mixture of sand, cement and lime, all of which are mixed in a particular ratio for the best possible results.

  • A cement render is usually applied on exterior walls to make them withstand the adverse weather conditions. Traditional rendering makes the surface free of patches and dirt.
  • A cement lime render is relatively light and more flexible, and is basically used for concrete block work and modern renovations.
  • An acrylic render is suitable for both indoor and outdoor walls, and helps clean off dust, oil, grease etc. It is water resistant, and adds robustness to your walls.

[Get to know a few more render types here]

Rendering Tools                                          

Rendering is undertaken using metal trowel, wooden trowel, brushes, sponge, masking tape, wheel barrow and several measurement tools.

Benefits of Rendering

  • Rendering saves time. It’s just a one day procedure for coating and finishing
  • It fills the gap between the mismatched bricks and other imperfections
  • A roller/ float can be used
  • It is water based and low in cost
  • Prevents seepage

Render coatings will not disappoint you like the traditional ones, and will make your walls strong enough to resist heavy rains, extreme sunlight and condensation, consequently giving a superior finish.

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