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Waterproofing Solution(s) for Your Home/Office

on January 27, 2015

Wet basements and leaking sewage pipes may go unnoticed unless the situation becomes alarming enough for you to find a permanent solution. But why wait, when you can call up waterproofing experts, and prevent the situation from getting out of hand? These experts, with their advanced tools and equipment, can easily fix the damage caused to your walls, ceilings and hose bibs by water leakage and dampness.

If you are unaware of waterproofing techniques, make sure you gather at least this much information:
• The type of waterproofing being carried out
• Is it permanent/ temporary
• Time duration
• Problems caused by water leakage and mould
• If the seepage is bad enough to further lead to foundation problems

Before availing the services of waterproofing experts, it’s important to ask around if they specialise in different types of water ingress problems. More importantly, hire those who not only save your time and money, but also follow a professional approach. Review the website and read the testimonials/comments before giving them a call. Last but not the least, you should find out if they not only offer solutions for basements, but for ceilings, tanks and roofs as well, and can do the needful without compromising with the integrity of the structure.

We, at Astec Paints, are providing waterproofing services that you can trust. Lets get to know more!


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