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Brilliant Advantages of Texture Painting

on April 20, 2015

A good and presentable home not only beautifies your surroundings but even defines your personality. Whatever you choose and the way you present your house defines your taste and preferences. Although you can give a new look to your place in many ways but painting it in different shades and colours holds its own magic. You can choose vibrant or soothing colours, sophisticated or simple yet classy designs to give an absolutely new display to visitors and peace to your minds.

When we talk about texture coatings, it completely gives a great finish and touch to the walls. Your ordinary cement walls can turn into smooth surfaces giving an adorable look to your living rooms, outer walls etc. Using texture finishes is like giving a covering to the walls to provide more elegancy and durability. Before texture painting, it is always advisable to render the walls for a pleasing finish.

Why apply texture paints to your homes?

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  • Enhanced durability
    Resilient against wind, water, UV-rays from the sun and sudden changes in temperature
    When used as interior paints, offers extreme resistance to peeling, sagging, flaking and fungi-algae growth
  • Better looks
    Textured and slightly gritty look adds certain character to the
    Far better than wallpapers with various styles, colours, and textures
  • Easy to apply
    No complicated tricks required to ensure a clean and dry surface
  • Covers cracks and defects on walls
    Cracks on walls and sagging of previous coats can easily be covered
    As it is applied in thick coats, it is effective in hiding imperfections and uneven surfaces too
  • Low maintenance
    As texture finishes are extremely durable and resistant, it requires very little maintenance

Applying texture paints is simple yet complicated as it requires reasonable and uniform craftsmanship.


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