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Make Your Home Look Sparkling Clean Again With Texture Coating

on June 12, 2015

Texture coating on your walls is like getting a new car, it looks good and it performs well. Moreover, you collect some compliments on your exterior wall finishes. Surprisingly, a texture coating doesn’t need to be cleaned or maintained from time to time, they are are most likely to survive the rough weather conditions and climatic changes in Australia.

Texture coatings are available in different types are have some stunning properties which add up to make your walls look perfect for around 20 years:

  • Exceptionally hard finish
  • Awesome flexibility
  • Resistant to heat, rains and winds
  • Crack and scrub resistant
  • Can easily be decorated
  • Easy applicability

Most of us have tried different wall-coatings that failed to deliver results, in fact made big holes in the pocket. The key to exterior wall coatings is hiring professionals who make use of proper equipment and maintain the high-quality of work.


Just go outside your house and see if the coating looks fresh or has it developed patches and watermarks? If you don’t really feel confident enough then call the company who did it and try to know the reason. This is the time when you know that the walls need to be painted in a modernized manner.

If you have already made use of texture coating system and still feel that the walls need to be cleaned in order to enhance the look., then its the right time to call the painters. Just try and recall what it looked like earlier and mentor the painters while they are getting it cleaned. You can also check if you have any old photographs of the house, as this might be helpful in getting back the same old feel.

These walls are usually self cleaning, but in some situations small airborne particles of dust/bird feces or stains of coal-fires changes the appearance. Approach Astec Paints, texture coating experts, to get this work done otherwise your walls will face more damage than repair.


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