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5 Common Painting Mistakes that are Damaging Your Walls

on September 14, 2015

Want to give your old and monotonous home a fresh, crafty and sturdy makeover? Try colourful paints, decorative renders and finishes.

With right products and proper preparation in place, painting and coating walls is the easiest and fastest way to transform your rooms and add a sense of vibrancy and beauty at the same time. However, this easy DIY job is as simple to muck up with a few silly but entirely avoidable mistakes.

In order to ensure a well-finished outcome for your home, we’ve pulled together a few common pitfalls you need to steer clear of.
Skipping Over the Preparation
While professional painters spend considerable time on their preparation, home owners embark on their DIY paint adventure without preparing things beforehand out of excitement to see how colours would look on their walls. However, to land an ideal pain job, one needs to get the walls cleaned and washed and complete all repair work prior to applying paint.

Picking Inferior Applicators
Home owners after spending a lot of money on paints might feel like skimping over their brushes and rollers in order to cut down on their total costs, which inevitably leads to unpleasant paint outcomes. Without good applicators and tools, even the best quality and most expensive paint won’t work. Buying quality applicators is an investment in the long run as they not just provide better coverage, but last for years when proper care is taken, eliminating those additional costs.

Going Without Primer
Painting walls without applying primer is one of the biggest mistakes home owners make while on their paint project. Primer is much more than just a substance that is applied on your walls prior to painting. It’s a coat that prepares the wall surface by covering all the flaws while giving a smooth surface for the paint to stick easily to the wall. What’s more, applying primer ensures a fresh, long-lasting look and helps bring out the true colour of the paint.

Skipping the Painter’s Tape
For professional and polished results, it is important to pay attention to each and every detail. With that said, using tapes around windows, doors and walls help you achieve clean edges and a smooth and polished finish. In addition, remove the tape before the paint dries completely.

Avoiding Clean-up
You are so tired after your paint job is done that you put those brushes and rollers in your store room to deal with them later or maybe not deal with at all, which is completely a bad idea. No matter how exhausted you’re, it would only take a few minutes to wash and store your applicators appropriately so that they hold their shape and can be used again.


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