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Because a Spray Paint Makeover is All Your Home Needs

on February 25, 2016

It’s not just walls that you can paint but there are so many things if you look around your home that you can colour and add life to. There are household decor items that go grungy, obsolete over time and you simply chuck them or replace them with lavish accessories.
What if we tell you that you can colour those things creatively to give an instant, chic makeover and that too without spending a fortune. Yes, it only takes a can of spray paint or two if you get too overwhelmed with vibrant paint colours, to revive your old, bog-standard items.
So, go beyond paints, renders and finishes this time, and get inspired with these innovative spray paint ideas and tips.

Storage couldn’t look better

Old boxes, containers and storage baskets can be quickly spruced up with some fresh spray paint. Start off with highly textured areas, use wide painters tape to cover areas you don’t wish to colour and coat the uncovered areas your desired colours.

A custom window treatment

Applied an interesting render finish, vibrant paint texture and the window still looks incomplete. Maybe, it has to do something with those curtains hanging around. Do over the curtains to create wide stripes of two contrasting colours by taping horizontally and spraying. While any regular spray paint would do, fabric spray will bring outstanding results.

Wait, what? Upholstery too?

Ever wished your furniture was another colour? It would no longer be a wish when you get your hands on spray paint and colour your plain vinyl upholstery to give it a much needed dose of pattern. Additionally, you can use stencils to spray creative patterns onto chairs, stools and tables

Besides, you can play around with your spray paint cans and turn your lamp and shades, refrigerator, chandeliers, folding chairs and many other things into intriguing features of your home. A little spray paint can work wonders for your home makeover and it’s totally a DIY job with no professionals around. So get inspired and go on to spray paint carefree to personalise your home sweet home.


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