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Repainting the Walls with Render Paints for Long-Lasting Protection

on August 23, 2016

We all desire a beautiful home, but in adverse Aussie conditions, maintaining walls and ceilings is an expensive affair. If you live in a house where the unappealing walls that requires transformation, then considering render painting is the best possible option.

Why should you go for thin-coat render system?

Making a big hole in your pockets every year is daunting. Getting the walls rendered will release this burden for several years as there are many benefits of render paints:

  • Render paints when applied, helps in keeping the house warm from
  • Render paints offer protection against seepage – it will prevent gas or water from penetrating the brickwork, however water vapour will get the room to pass through the walls, thereby maintaining building temperature.
  • Rendering provides protection from cracks and drills – it will cover up the existing cracks and provide protection against wall fractures
  • Self-cleaning abilities- render paints are smooth, the stains and dirt doesn’t last long on rendered walls
  • You get to choose between textured and smooth wall finishing

Why appoint us?

We understand the ins and outs of wall painting, especially when it comes to thin-coat render systems. We help you can get over the typical problems associated with old walls and ceilings, which includes:

  • Flaky paint
  • Cracks and drills
  • Loose /hollow renders
  • Mould and the green growth on the wall (wet & dry)
  • Previous repairs with improper finishing
  • House renovation
  • Rain water penetration
  • Damps and water leakage

Whatever the project requires we are experts in providing wall rendering solutions to give our clients a peace of mind. Our executives will brief you on the rendering work and will also help you choose the best colour combination.

Call us today for a FREE quote or make an online request, our executive will make sure to get back to you ASAP!


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