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Blunders You Would Definitely Want To Avoid When Remodelling Your Exteriors

on February 22, 2017

Having a well-designed exterior is a great way to add aesthetic appeal to your home while increasing the property value.

But when it comes to remodelling an outdoor space, home owners often make blunders that turn their dream of an intriguing exterior into a lifelong nightmare.

We have listed three most common of these renovation slipups you would want to avoid in your next exterior remodelling project.

Starting Without a Plan

Whether you want to spruce up a small outdoor space or add more aesthetic value to imposing exterior, a well-throughout plan is a must for any exterior remodelling project.

And by planning, we don’t simply mean a verbal discussion with your exterior designer. You must have a plan drawn out with detailed drawings that help you determine how you’ll use your outdoor space, where those plants, shrubs, trees and other outdoor elements will go. ,

Skimping On Paint

Saving on a renovation project can be a tempting prospect for home owners, especially those with a tight remodelling budget. Unfortunately, more often than not, choosing cheap options ends up costing you way more in the long run than buying a bucket of quality exterior paint in the first place.

Cheap paint might save you money initially but good quality paint will ensure that your exterior walls have a durable coating while eliminating the need for frequent paint jobs.

Ignoring the Surrounding Cohesion

Often home owners, in an attempt to stand out with their exterior design, remodel their outdoor space in a way that doesn’t go well with their neighbourhood cohesion.

Keeping your exterior in tune with the homes in your surrounding is important to make sure your home stands out in a positive way. You must know what kind of unique will work for your exterior and will also keep your neighbourhood in cohesion.


It is common for home owners to make theses mistakes as they remodel their exterior space. The good news is they’re avoidable. Start with a good plan and avoid skimping on time and money, you are sure to make the most out of your remodelling project.


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