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Interior Painting Hacks: Paint Colour Inspirations for Small Kitchens

on January 23, 2018

So, you’re dealing with a tiny kitchen.

You implemented varied storage solutions and tricked out the drawers, cabinets and the island with proven space-saving tricks. It worked a bit for your storage and cooking space, but the kitchen still looks small and an expensive remodel to stretch your kitchen doesn’t seem like a feasible option to you.


That’s where paint colours come into perspective.

When chosen and applied strategically, paint colours can help to virtually extend the confines of a small kitchen and make it appear spacious yet intriguing.

We have laid out some paint colour ideas for small kitchens which will help you to provide the much-needed lift to your tight-space kitchen without having to shell out on a major overhaul.

Pick whites

For someone who has no idea which colours would work for their small kitchen, white is a go-to option. It reflects light and creates a sense of space while making the walls recede. Moreover, painting your cabinetry, drawers, countertops, walls and the ceiling white can help to smoothen the edges, nooks and boundaries and create a visually cohesive design that works to keep your kitchen feel bigger.

How about neutrals

Not only are neutral hues known to visually enlarge a space but when combined with soft contemporary tints and shades of earthy tones, a neutral colour scheme can make for an inviting interior by adding warmth, depth and character to your kitchen space.

Incorporate soft hues of greys, beige, whites and browns into your kitchen to bring in subtle elegance and sophistication while creating an appearance of a spacious kitchen.

Utilise low-contrast shades

A low-contrast colour scheme goes a long way to create the illusion of space and depth. A small kitchen that uses same hues throughout along with minor variations of light colours, makes your eyes glide over varied surfaces to find a place to settle, tricking you into thinking that the room is larger than it actually is.

So, to make your cramped kitchen look spacious, try to keep your countertops, cabinetry, trims, backsplash and walls in the same colour family while incorporating little variations of the selected colours to avoid monotony.

Putting it all together

You may not be able to practically increase your kitchen space without a major remodel, but these paint ideas would definitely help a lot if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to make your small kitchen feel and look bigger.

Furthermore, we would recommend that you seek expert advice on the matter to make informed decisions for your kitchen design. A professional paint job, on the other hand, would also make a big difference to your kitchen aesthetics and appearance.


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