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Planning to Sell Your Home? These Exterior Paint Colours Will Boost Your Home’s Worth

on May 3, 2018

Just like you pick the best interior paint colours to make your indoors reflect your style statement, the hues that feature on your exteriors have to be intriguing.

The exterior paint colours you choose can make your abode the talk of the neighbourhood, either in a good way or a bad way. Besides, if you are planning to list your house for sale any time soon, nothing can increase your home’s worth like fresh exterior paint.

Sell Your Home

That being said gets inspired from these smart exterior colour choices that offer instant curb appeal to any house.


White coloured exteriors evoke a sense of timeless elegance and heritage. White exterior walls serve as a background to colourful accents and a bright surrounding.

Complementary colours:  White exteriors look best when coupled with aqua and ivory shades.


A seamless blend of grey and beige; greige is taking over contemporary homes like it is meant to deserves to feature across every exterior. Shades of greige blend with natural surroundings to infuse warmth and grace into an otherwise boring entryway area.

Complimentary colours: Blends seamlessly with brown tones and blue shades.

Cypress Green

A harmonious shade of green with a tint of grey, cypress green helps to create a serene and calm exterior setting.

Complimentary colours: Cypress green walls are a perfect complement to a butter yellow or pure white trim.

Mustard Yellow

Though most people would better prefer yellow for interiors, mustard yellow coated walls can induce a sense of happiness straight away, which can be a positive aspect for your potential buyers.

Complimentary colours: Natural brown trim or accents can give a subtle uplift to mustard yellow outdoors.


Homes with their outdoors painted grey tend to capture elegance and sophistication.

Complimentary colours; A front door painted shades of navy blue-turquoise with grey walls can earn a premium price.

So, that’s it. Go ahead and showcase your personal style with these colour inspirations. Whatever colour your pick, be sure to hire a professional paint contractor to bring the best out of your choice.



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