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The Dos and Don’ts of Creating a Feature Wall

on June 4, 2018

Has your home started feeling monotonous?

A feature wall can work wonders for your interior design. A much-needed design element for any home interiors, a feature wall offers opportunities to pull focus around a space and enhance the visual appeal of your existing setting.

Interior Design

Here are some dos and don’ts you should consider before creating a feature wall to make sure the results turn out well.


  • Do create a balance in your colour scheme. Follow the timeless design rule 60-30-10 to put together your colour scheme. Use lighter shades across 60% of the space to provide a striking base to the overall setting while creating a contrast with brighter complimentary hues around the other 30%. The rest 10% can be used for little details.
  • Do explore your options. Many people stick to only colours when it comes to creating a feature wall. While colours are an easy and quick way to spruce up a space, feature walls provide countless opportunities to experiment with more than just colours. There is a plethora of wallpapers and texture coating finishes that can help you add desirable impact to your feature wall. For example, mosaic/tile textures can add a playful yet luxurious touch to a focal wall while wood textures can help pull off a rustic look. Likewise, embossed wallpapers can add a dimension and can also hide imperfections on your focal wall. Glossy wallpapers, on the other hand, create a modern, rich and sleek setting.


  • Don’t choose a wall to highlight on a whim. The wall you choose to feature should ideally be the space where your eyes are naturally drawn first when you enter the room. You can go for a wall with a fireplace or a wall in the dining space. The wall behind the TV or the headboard in a bedroom are also great for highlighting. In short, your feature wall should be the focal area of a room with more visibility and exposure than the rest of the space.
  • Don’t overwhelm the wall with too much of everything. A feature wall is sure supposed to stand out and be the centre of attraction, but you don’t want to mess with the overall aesthetics of a space in an attempt to create an eye-catchy feature wall. Instead of over cluttering the wall with too many accents or colours, decide on a theme and have only select accessories that go with the theme, feature on or around your wall.
  • Don’t ignore the overall personality of your abode. What is your home’s current theme? Do you have a neutral interior that calls for an embellished feature wall? Or does your home feature flamboyant furnishings and bold colour palettes that might coordinate well with a subtle accent wall. Considering the personality of your home will only help your decision and choices for the better.

While you keep these considerations in mind, remember that a feature wall doesn’t necessarily have to be high impact. Sometimes, a solid texture finish or a delicate render can be enough to add much-needed interest to any space. Before you choose your featuring colours and elements, it is important to decide whether you want a striking change or a simple yet elegant upgrade.


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