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5 Things To Keep In Mind While Painting Your House

on July 13, 2018

So, it is festive time and your “home sweet home” desperately calls for a revamp. There are so many things you could do; add a few luxury decor accents to your living room, replace the old furniture with new swanky fixtures and give the entire kitchen a modern overhaul.

But then you realise you’re on a budget and all these amazing makeover ideas can burn a whole in your pocket. After much thinking and research, you come to a conclusion that painting your dwelling is feasible option for you.

Painting Your House


Congrats! Because not only will painting your house rather than incorporating luxury additions and replacements will save you thousands of dollars, but it will also add to the durability and overall value of your property.

Hiring a professional paint service is the best way to achieve a seamless look through painting. However, here are a few aspects you want to consider before your house gets the treatment.

#1. Prime your walls:

Many home owners overlook priming as part of wall preparation before painting and think of it as added effort and waste of time. It is high time that you understand the importance of priming the walls of your house before painting. Priming helps in smoothening the wall’s surface for a better and rich finish, making it visually more appealing than a wall with bumps and bruises. Priming also helps the actual paint stay longer and the colour to come out more beautifully.

#2. Quality of the Paint:

Quality of anything we use reflects our personality. The home we live in is styled according to our taste and preferences. Therefore, it is very important to use good quality paints to appropriately and indirectly reflect your personality and lifestyle.

Remember! A low and dull quality paint automatically conveys oldness. Further, who likes those inevitable cracks in the freshly painted walls? Thus, it is important to use quality paints that can prevent walls from cracking up.

#3. Colours and Textures:

Many a times people shy away from experimenting with textures or bright colours. While whites, beiges, greys and pastels are evergreen colours and soothing to the eye, sometimes you just need a change. Painting one of the walls a bright, dark, or rich colour not only makes it look attractive, but also adds to the design and appearance of the whole room. Similarly, you can play with textures.

To complete the look, you can add curtains, cushions, paintings, furniture, rugs and artefacts that compliment your theme. While this trick will surely turn heads and fetch you umpteen compliments, it comes with a disclaimer; choose your complementary textures and colours wisely. And remember, too much of anything can spoil the feel and the look.

#4. Health and Environment:

More important than the house are the people living in it. Many professional paint companies use toxic chemicals in their paints that are harmful to people. It can cause irritation to the eyes or even disastrous long-term diseases. It is very important to use good quality paint that is environment-friendly and uses no or at least less amounts of these harmful chemicals.

#5. Don’t forget the exteriors!

Everyone works towards an eye-catching interior, but for a complete and vibrant look one must never leave out the exteriors. The outer walls, roofs, and surfaces are just as important. As they say, ‘first impression is the last impression,’ our exteriors convey the first impression to our home.

That’s it! So, the next time you decide to paint your home, keep these things in mind and you’ll love your home more than ever.


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