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ASTEC: Paint with Pride!

Commercial and residential Waterproofing, interior/exterior acrylic wall products, industrial primers, strippers, rust treatments, skim coats, texture finishes and elastomeric membranes are in demand requirements for most designing and architectural organisations around. A complete outlook with reliable products in the field is the want of the clients and investors, who continuously encourage the increase in any such offerings.

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Astec Paint, sets its high standards in workmanship and customer service. Extreme pride and expertise of the organisation makes step for it in being rewarded for huge volumes of South Australian heritage façade restoration. With an efficient staff including fixing department and total of over 900,000.00m2 in specialty of coating applications, Astec sorts its way out, among the best in the scenario so far. They have been working as South Australian owned coating manufacturers functioning in Adelaide since 1978.

Perfect waterproofing solutions are provided for all kinds of water ingress problems like pipe leakages and dampness in walls and roofs. The organisation ensures intactness in integrity of the structure. Wide range of waterproofing solutions are offered, known for their durability, water resistance and elasticity. Astec Paints Australasia PTY Ltd is privately owned, supporting and recognizing local talent and business encouraging secure level in exports worldwide.

Since 2000, assessments were made in the product line up in texture, interior, exterior, waterproofing, flooring, concrete repair, anti-graffiti, roofing and industrial binder/sealer/strippers. The most focused goal of the team is valuing assets with uncompromised personal service with best possible outcomes to the customers. Through Astec marketing strategies, ‘Quiet Achievers’, sales representatives were put into domestic market to present our story with products and competitive pricing.

Throughout Australia, the group has successfully established its mark with growing product range and quality. It holds seventy percent total turnover in exports to Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK, Singapore. Astec elastomeric wall coatings connect prevailing cracks in masonry, further remaining crack free over days and giving elastic protection against ingress of water.

For any such issue or betterment in the sector, just rely on Astec, providing best services and products to clients within the set time.


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Urban Heat Island Effect Decoded: Why You Need a Heat Reflective Paint

As the name suggests, the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect takes place in urban or metropolitan areas. It is caused by human activities, and makes the affected areas significantly warmer than their rural counterparts. Land surface modification and waste heat generation are among the top contributors, followed by geometric effects. In fact, areas that have relatively tall buildings may experience what is commonly referred to as the urban canyon effect. Furthermore, if the buildings are tall, they are also likely to block wind, and as a result, the temperature may further increase, primarily because of the lack of dissipation of pollution.

That being said, if the temperature does increase, you can always use a heat reflective paint, one that can improve your building’s insulation. After all, if paint can reflect up to 80% of solar radiation, why not use it, especially if you live in any of the areas that experience the urban heat island effect? And, if the paint is eco-friendly and doesn’t cost you much, it makes perfect sense to go for it rather than spending some sleepless nights. Yes, the UHI effect can also be reduced by increasing the tree and vegetative cover, but that’s more like a community effort. Till then, a good quality heat reflective paint should suffice. Cool down your roof with ASTEC Paint’s heat reflective paint today!

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Paint – A Protectant

It is a fact that sun, rain, wind and snow can take their toll on any building. Also, we all know what wind and rain can do to the outside of a house over a period. The building envelope, which includes roofs, windows, doors, etc., is subjected to harsh climatic variations throughout the year. Environmental pollution can also put stress on the exterior of a building. So, if we understand the effects these weather conditions can have on a building, we can actually develop a maintenance plan which can increase the life of a building.

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There are many ways to protect buildings from weather-related damage. One of them is paint. Paints and coatings are applied to buildings to protect them from environmental damage and enhance their aesthetic appeal. Any building’s looks are improved when it is painted. With the help of paints, a building requires less maintenance, becomes easy to clean and will stay beautiful for many years to come.

Nowadays, paints are available in the market which can improve the appearance and are also energy efficient for your building. The market is flooded with options, when it comes to paints. From heat reflexive coatings to Texture Finishes, from roof restoration coatings to concrete repair coatings and from interior finishes to exterior finishes, choices are almost unlimited. Identifying the needs of your building according to weather conditions of your region could be the first step in deciding the kind of paint you should go for. Definitely, choosing a colour of paint is very important but so is the right type of paint for your building. One has to choose wisely as the longevity of building is at stake

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Finding a Good Exterior Paint Supplier in a $142 Billion Industry (Only If It Was That Easy)

Okay, they are yet to touch that mark, the $142 Billion one, but if sources are to be believed, they would be there soon, in fact, by the end of the next year. So, painting is a big industry, no doubt. And if you were to find a good exterior paint supplier here, well, you may be looking for a needle in a haystack. Or maybe not! If you look for a paint that’s good for both coastal and urban environments, how many suppliers would you be looking at? What if you narrow them down further? Say, you specify the criteria – long term protection and resistance to UV radiation and wind-driven rain.

How many suppliers offer that kind of paint? And if you keep tabs on the trends and have a consumer base that follows them too, it may be easier for you to single out a supplier. Well, if that doesn’t help, you can always think of what may go wrong with a surface and whether or not the paint can do something about it. For instance, temperature changes and moisture can play spoilsport. Even worse, both winters and summers can lead to those cracks that everyone hates. Then there are other problems as well, including blistering.

Now, these are problems that a professional paint must address – but, the question is, does it? If it does, you may have found a really good supplier. Go ahead with the purchase.

[Good News: ASTEC Paint is one such supplier of exterior paint. in Australia]

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Heat Reflective Paint – Is The One You Are Buying CodeMark Certified?

That a heat reflective paint brings about a considerable improvement in a building’s insulation properties is no news. But, does every coating that’s being sold out there in the name of heat reflection good enough? Well, you never can tell. However, what you can do is to buy one that meets the Energy Efficiency guidelines. Also, it makes sense to look for a paint that’s CodeMark certified. Any such coating is likely to live up to its name and might reflect up to 80% of solar radiation, just saying.

Moving on, while CodeMark certification is an important criterion, it’s certainly not the only one, if you know what that means – eco-friendliness, for example, should be given equal weightage, if not more. Yes, the paint has to do its work in an eco-friendly way or else, there’s no point in getting it in the first place. Meanwhile, you may also want to make sure that the paint is approved for guaranteed compliance with the Building Code of Australia (B.C.A.). That being said, heat reflective paint is of course not the only product that you should buy with caution – the same rule applies to texture coating as well.

Agreed, the criteria might change here, like it has to be resistant towards dust and moisture, but then you must see if it turns out as expected. It is also a good idea to focus on quality and that’s because if the coating is up to the mark, you might get rid of frequent paint jobs.

Fact: Astec Paints were the first to invent and introduce to the Australian market the technology of Heat Reflective Coating.

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