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Planning to Sell Your Home? These Exterior Paint Colours Will Boost Your Home’s Worth

Just like you pick the best interior paint colours to make your indoors reflect your style statement, the hues that feature on your exteriors have to be intriguing.

The exterior paint colours you choose can make your abode the talk of the neighbourhood, either in a good way or a bad way. Besides, if you are planning to list your house for sale any time soon, nothing can increase your home’s worth like fresh exterior paint.

Sell Your Home

That being said gets inspired from these smart exterior colour choices that offer instant curb appeal to any house.


White coloured exteriors evoke a sense of timeless elegance and heritage. White exterior walls serve as a background to colourful accents and a bright surrounding.

Complementary colours:  White exteriors look best when coupled with aqua and ivory shades.


A seamless blend of grey and beige; greige is taking over contemporary homes like it is meant to deserves to feature across every exterior. Shades of greige blend with natural surroundings to infuse warmth and grace into an otherwise boring entryway area.

Complimentary colours: Blends seamlessly with brown tones and blue shades.

Cypress Green

A harmonious shade of green with a tint of grey, cypress green helps to create a serene and calm exterior setting.

Complimentary colours: Cypress green walls are a perfect complement to a butter yellow or pure white trim.

Mustard Yellow

Though most people would better prefer yellow for interiors, mustard yellow coated walls can induce a sense of happiness straight away, which can be a positive aspect for your potential buyers.

Complimentary colours: Natural brown trim or accents can give a subtle uplift to mustard yellow outdoors.


Homes with their outdoors painted grey tend to capture elegance and sophistication.

Complimentary colours; A front door painted shades of navy blue-turquoise with grey walls can earn a premium price.

So, that’s it. Go ahead and showcase your personal style with these colour inspirations. Whatever colour your pick, be sure to hire a professional paint contractor to bring the best out of your choice.


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Things Your Potential Professional Painter Wants You To Know

While inveterate DIYers may not hesitate to take up their own home painting project, every home owner would hire a professional contractor to paint their home at some point in life.

Professional Paint Contractor

A professional paint job certainly offers significant advantages over a DIY undertaking, which makes it more of an investment than an expense.

However, there are many home owners who would still have a lot of hesitation and questions about hiring a professional painting contractor. We reached out to some professionals and got to know about things they want their clients to know and understand, which will definitely eliminate most of your doubts about a professional paint job.

We know when you only get in touch with no intension to hire us

Many home owners tend to contact different painters around their area not to compare their offerings, prices and quality but to get free advice and ideas to do the job on their own later.

Know that they are professionals, and they would not like to offer their valuable advice only to hear that you can do it on your own or get it done by some other service provider for a lot less.

We care about your home and assets

A professional yet reliable paint service provider realises that they would be working on your valuable possession. They understand your concern about your property and assets getting damaged in the process of painting. So, they do their job with utmost safety.

A responsible painter puts in significant time and effort into prep work to make sure your belongings remain secure and intact before and during the process.

Do not compromise quality for money

You will find many professional service providers offering the same service at cheap prices. But remember that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

You can sure hire a cheap painting contractor to save a few bucks but then you can’t expect a seamless job. It’s easy to think that anyone can paint, so why not save your money and hire a new, amateur painter around the street. But before you does that know that a premium painter would not offer you just a service but a much-needed assurance of safety and quality.

You need to do some work too

While a premium contractor usually takes care of pre-work, you can’t leave all of it to the painter. There are tasks you need to do as the home owner to make sure your home is painter-ready.

For interior painting, remove switch plates, outlet convers, remove any stains and spots on the wall to be painted and move furniture and any objects that get in the way of painters. For an exterior paint job, trim shrubs and trees around the house to provide clearance for hassle-free painting. Also cover plants and shrubs around walls with plastic sheets to spillage and damage. Scarpe peeling or flaking areas of the surfaces for seamless paint application.

Still confused if a premium contractor is worth the investment? Consult with an experienced paint contractor and get to know how a professional service can make a difference by the professionals themselves.

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Interior Painting Hacks: Paint Colour Inspirations for Small Kitchens

So, you’re dealing with a tiny kitchen.

You implemented varied storage solutions and tricked out the drawers, cabinets and the island with proven space-saving tricks. It worked a bit for your storage and cooking space, but the kitchen still looks small and an expensive remodel to stretch your kitchen doesn’t seem like a feasible option to you.


That’s where paint colours come into perspective.

When chosen and applied strategically, paint colours can help to virtually extend the confines of a small kitchen and make it appear spacious yet intriguing.

We have laid out some paint colour ideas for small kitchens which will help you to provide the much-needed lift to your tight-space kitchen without having to shell out on a major overhaul.

Pick whites

For someone who has no idea which colours would work for their small kitchen, white is a go-to option. It reflects light and creates a sense of space while making the walls recede. Moreover, painting your cabinetry, drawers, countertops, walls and the ceiling white can help to smoothen the edges, nooks and boundaries and create a visually cohesive design that works to keep your kitchen feel bigger.

How about neutrals

Not only are neutral hues known to visually enlarge a space but when combined with soft contemporary tints and shades of earthy tones, a neutral colour scheme can make for an inviting interior by adding warmth, depth and character to your kitchen space.

Incorporate soft hues of greys, beige, whites and browns into your kitchen to bring in subtle elegance and sophistication while creating an appearance of a spacious kitchen.

Utilise low-contrast shades

A low-contrast colour scheme goes a long way to create the illusion of space and depth. A small kitchen that uses same hues throughout along with minor variations of light colours, makes your eyes glide over varied surfaces to find a place to settle, tricking you into thinking that the room is larger than it actually is.

So, to make your cramped kitchen look spacious, try to keep your countertops, cabinetry, trims, backsplash and walls in the same colour family while incorporating little variations of the selected colours to avoid monotony.

Putting it all together

You may not be able to practically increase your kitchen space without a major remodel, but these paint ideas would definitely help a lot if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to make your small kitchen feel and look bigger.

Furthermore, we would recommend that you seek expert advice on the matter to make informed decisions for your kitchen design. A professional paint job, on the other hand, would also make a big difference to your kitchen aesthetics and appearance.

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Why Ditch the DIY Urge and Opt for A Professional Paint Job

So, you think you can paint.

Maybe you can. You may be a keen DIYer, and it may seem like a lot of fun to paint your room yourself. But, you sure don’t want to end up having fun and an enjoyable painting experience accompanied by awful results.

A paint job is said to be successful only when you can spot a seamless finish as the end result. That said, paint jobs, whether you want to touch up a room or paint your entire home, are best left to professionals.

To support this fact, we have pulled together a few considerations that will also tell you what’s wrong with DIY attempt.

Painting is a skilled business

It’s not like grabbing a brush, roller and a couple of cans of paint and start wiping the walls with colours. For a paint job to be rewarding, it requires a strategic approach, practice and essential tools.

Professional painters are trained to approach and implement a paint job properly. With years of working in the field, they acquire knowledge and skills which help them determine what products to use on a certain surface and carry out the practice with minimal disruption.

Isn’t that ceiling is a bit beyond your reach?

The surfaces you need to be painted, be it a wall or ceiling, might have corners, slanted sides and steeply pitched tops that aren’t easily accessible. Working on ladders to reach such spaces can be dangerous.

Professional painters are training are skilled and used to dealing with difficulty accessible surfaces and know how to handle critical pant situations. They carry the appropriate safety equipment which ensure the safety of your home and family when in operation.

The after-work hassles

Once you’re done painting, there is a whole lot of mess to clean up. And, it’s not some regular cleaning task you can tackle. The post-paint clutter includes poisonous paint debris, toxic solvents that can’t be cleaned with just a cleaning agent and bare hands.

A professional paint job includes the post paint cleanup and disposal of rubbish as part of their service. Also, hired painters leave less mess to clean up in the first place saving your and eliminating hassles.

With these pointers stated, it makes sense to hire a professional paint contractor for your painting needs. Doesn’t it?

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Why Hiring a Painting Professional can Work Wonders and DIY May Not?

There’s no denying that many home owners choose to make it a DIY job when it comes to painting their interiors or exteriors, ending up inspiring others. Unfortunately, not all or say only few are satisfied with the end results.

Whether to save a few dollars or out of your own interest or owing to acquired inspiration, it may seem like a totally-working-for-me opportunity to paint your own home. But, trust us, a professional paint job in no way can be compared to a DIY work.

Let us see how hiring a painting contractor for your painting project can actually be a fruitful investment.

Money Friendly Deal

Initially, a DIY paint job may save you a few dollars but in the long run hiring a pro can be a quite favorable option in terms of costs. Professionals are trained to do their job right, helping you avoid cleanup costs and unnecessary maintenance and repair expenses.

Quality Finish

There are spaces you can’t easily reach for painting including ceilings and roof line. With contractors deployed on your paint project, difficult-to-access areas aren’t much of a concern. The pros come equipped with the necessary tools to ensure seamlessly finished work.

How-To Knowledge and Experience

From effective techniques to top-notch tools, professional paint job have years of practical experience and knowledge that helps them deliver quality outcomes. Bedsides, a skilled team will check your home for damages and repairs if any to get them fixed before painting. Should there be any repair or maintenance needs, the contractors themselves would inform you beforehand.

Safety Measures

From working on ladders to dealing with paint and chemicals, safety becomes a major concern when on a DIY project. By deploying a certified contractor for your painting work, you can rest assured and prevent injuries and accidents while meeting your paint needs.

Managing a remodeling/painting project may seem like an easy task if you possess moderate knowledge and skills. However, a professional job will have completely different results while saving you a lot of money and time ultimately. So, trust only a certified contractor with your painting project and get the most value for your investment.

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