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How to Choose Paint Colours to Create a Cosy Environment in Your Home

Nothing compares to the feeling when you get back to home after a long day to unwind in a warm, cosy space in your home that just makes you feel right.

Paint is an easy yet effective way to set the tone and atmosphere of a room as you want it. By paying attention to the psychological effects of various paint colours, even a cold and uninvited room can be turned into the most intimate, comfy space.

Paint Color

Get inspired from the following paint colour ideas to up the much-needed cosiness factor in your home.


  • A soft, elegant shade of yellow on the ceiling can give a comfy, welcoming feel to an otherwise neutral room.
  • Whether you opt for a soothing whipped-butter shade or pick a vibrant lemon tone, a splash of sun-touched yellow in your room can bring the cosy side up.
  • For walls painted yellow-apricot, add dusky lilac or spring green trim.
  • For pale-yellow walls and ceilings, go for ivory trim.


For a room to feel cosy, paint colours don’t necessarily have to be from warm pallet. When reflected in multiple shades around the room, cool and quiet shades can also help to create a sense of intimacy and warmth.

  • Paint the walls between wooden plank floors and a white ceiling, grey. To bring out the deeper version of the walls, incorporate a pewter-coloured upholstered sofa and a sisal rug under the sofa to compliment the darker shade of the brown wooden floor.
  • To present some more shades of grey and brown in the room, consider adding walnut or maple end tables in front of the sofa, charcoal bookcase around the corner and wooden picture frames on the wall. If there’s still room for a few shades of the same colours, you can place a small wooden table behind the sofa holding a white lamp with a ceramic base.


  • Fiery red walls reflect warmth and comfort while creating a dramatic look.
  • Accommodate elegant antiques and imposing white bookcases with enamelled red walls and ceiling and gilded white trim.
  • For an extra dose of warm elegance, add velvet upholstered sofa with brocaded chairs featuring geometric patterns.

Go ahead! Incorporate these paint ideas to create the ultimate snuggle zone in your home to unwind and let all your stress out. Moreover, do give your walls a fresh coat of render before painting them any colour to bring the best out of your paint colours and make it last longer.

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Home Improvement Tips: Don’t Let Seepage Destroy Your Walls

Given that the exterior walls are always exposed to rainwater and harsh weather conditions, it is common to spot damp patches on exterior walls.


While you can’t prevent water leaks that are the most common reason of seepage, you can sure care for your walls and take preventive measures to avoid high repair costs and property damage.

Let’s first determine the root cause of seepage

  • The first thing you want to do is to examine the interior walls for the areas with water spots.

  • Now that you have found the areas affected by seepage, the next step is to identify the cause of the seepage. Is it a leaking water tank or a burst plumbing line? Outflow in the water supply pipes or poor waterproofing of the floor slabs?

  • Besides faulty internal plumbing and water tank leakage, accumulation of rain water and underground water (after heavy rainfall) can also cause water to seep through the walls and ceilings.

  • Poor quality render and plaster or inappropriately applied plaster on the outer walls also lay the groundwork for seepage.

Furthermore, if you find it difficult to determine the possible reason behind those seeping walls, seek professional assistance. There are many leakage detection companies and service providers out there that specialize in water leak detection in and serve both residential and commercial properties. Hiring a reliable professional will save your time and prevent potential damage that could incur due to untreated leaks and seepage.

Tips to Steer Clear of Seepage

Now that you have familiarised with common problems that create a breeding ground for seepage, it’s time to heed effective ways to prevent seepage in the first place.

  • Waterproof the roof and external walls

If your walls use water permeable paints, apply exterior waterproofing coats on the exterior walls as well as the roof to block rain water and moisture from seeping through.

  • Seal the cracks

Walls of your home can develop cracks over time which initially appear around windows frames and doors, allowing moisture and water to penetrate through and create dam patches.

Check for gaps and cracks around the walls and seal them with putty or waterproof materials like mortar.

  • Use quality paints

Make sure to choose only high-quality water-resistant paints and render coatings for your walls. Paints containing silicon are impermeable and offer extra strength to walls.

  • Ensure proper drainage

Inspect your house drainage system, gutters, and pipe lines once in a while for leaks and wear and tear. Undetected leaky tanks and sweeping lines can cause internal wall dampness and cause significant damage and loss over time without you knowing about it.

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Is a Custom Home the Right Choice for You?

Who doesn’t like to live in an abode that feels like it’s just made for you.
Things placed just as you like, the perfect lighting, the dream kitchen, not to mention a theme that reflects your personality and lifestyle effortlessly.
A well-personalised custom home is something most home owners covet.
However, many drop their dream of a self-crafted home considering high costs involved in the process of building one.
While it is necessary to heed your budget and then come to a decision, a custom home does have the edge over pre-built properties and is definitely worth the extra money, if so.
Want to know how?
Lt’s take a glance:

Total personalisation, thus total satisfaction

The best part about a custom home is that you get exactly what you desired.

Since a custom home is built on the basis of needs specified by the owner, you can expect to enter a home filled with things and choices made by only you (and your family) once the project is finished.

There’s no substitute for the satisfaction that a custom-tailored home offers. Is there?

Freedom to optimise just about everything

Custom building your home allows you to have everything you want and nothing you don’t.

You don’t have to put up with that extra backyard space that isn’t much useful to you but is costing you unnecessary tax amounts every year. Or live with a design theme that is attractive but doesn’t suit your style.

With a custom approach, you can work with professional architects and designers to add specific features, from a quality render to furniture and interior paint, that will bring in a sense of functionality and suits your personal taste as well.

There sure are advantages to buying an already built house. It has special memories, a distinct history and a sense of reminiscence attached to it. Most of all, it is ready to move in. Convenient, right?

But the joy of living around a property that’s all about you and your family is unparalleled.

And if you’re are still confused about your choice, talk to a reputable home design expert who can help to make your decision easier and find an optimal solution.

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Simple Steps to Setting Your Home Up for a Quick Sale

If you’re planning to sell your home at some point of time in the near future, you have landed on the right page.

While Australia is regarded as an ideal place to buy or rent a home with a comprehensive range of functional, aesthetically appealing properties, the seemingly competitive real estate market can make it quite challenging for some home owners to sell their property.

But don’t panic!

No matter how competitive the market is, there are certain ways you can make your home stand out in the neighbourhood and grab the most attention of potential buyers.

The following are the most viable yet effective means to improve your home’s value in an instant.

Exterior Wall Treatment
The first thing you would want to make sure when preparing you home for sale is that your exterior looks not just fine but appealing.

There’s nothing better than a fresh coat of paint to rejuvenate the façade of your depilated and old house. However, you don’t want to make your exterior stand out for wrong reasons. So, avoid outright bold tones like green lime or hot pink. Also, applying a render and other protective coatings before the paint can help prepare a fine base for painting.

In addition to a paint job, you must inspect your exterior walls for visible signs of damage like worn or rotten weatherboard panels and gaps between bricks. Paying heed to these small details can go a long way to boost your home’s value.

Spruce Up Doors and Windows
New, sophisticated doors and windows don’t just make for aesthetic appeal but help to make your house more energy efficient thus lowering household running costs.

When upgrading your doors and windows, also pay attention to kitchen cabinets and drawers. Check if cabinet doors, knobs and handles are grubby or need to be replaced. There are a lot of quirky knobs and fancy handles out there in the market that can add a dramatic yet compelling twist to your kitchen.

Lifting the appeal of your home can be as easy as moving existing things around. Rearranging stuff will not only give your home a fresh, unique look but will make the interior more organised and spacious if done in a strategic manner.

You have all the freedom to get as creative as you can with your rearrangement tactics. While you’re at it, don’t shy away from incorporating unique design themes into your interior design.

The Takeaway
Aside from the tips mentioned above, there can be several other easy, economical and interesting ways to spruce up your home to get sold fast.

While most of these makeover feats can be tackled on your own, we recommend you to hire professionals for a seamless paint job.

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Because a Spray Paint Makeover is All Your Home Needs

It’s not just walls that you can paint but there are so many things if you look around your home that you can colour and add life to. There are household decor items that go grungy, obsolete over time and you simply chuck them or replace them with lavish accessories.
What if we tell you that you can colour those things creatively to give an instant, chic makeover and that too without spending a fortune. Yes, it only takes a can of spray paint or two if you get too overwhelmed with vibrant paint colours, to revive your old, bog-standard items.
So, go beyond paints, renders and finishes this time, and get inspired with these innovative spray paint ideas and tips.

Storage couldn’t look better

Old boxes, containers and storage baskets can be quickly spruced up with some fresh spray paint. Start off with highly textured areas, use wide painters tape to cover areas you don’t wish to colour and coat the uncovered areas your desired colours.

A custom window treatment

Applied an interesting render finish, vibrant paint texture and the window still looks incomplete. Maybe, it has to do something with those curtains hanging around. Do over the curtains to create wide stripes of two contrasting colours by taping horizontally and spraying. While any regular spray paint would do, fabric spray will bring outstanding results.

Wait, what? Upholstery too?

Ever wished your furniture was another colour? It would no longer be a wish when you get your hands on spray paint and colour your plain vinyl upholstery to give it a much needed dose of pattern. Additionally, you can use stencils to spray creative patterns onto chairs, stools and tables

Besides, you can play around with your spray paint cans and turn your lamp and shades, refrigerator, chandeliers, folding chairs and many other things into intriguing features of your home. A little spray paint can work wonders for your home makeover and it’s totally a DIY job with no professionals around. So get inspired and go on to spray paint carefree to personalise your home sweet home.

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5 Common Painting Mistakes that are Damaging Your Walls

Want to give your old and monotonous home a fresh, crafty and sturdy makeover? Try colourful paints, decorative renders and finishes.

With right products and proper preparation in place, painting and coating walls is the easiest and fastest way to transform your rooms and add a sense of vibrancy and beauty at the same time. However, this easy DIY job is as simple to muck up with a few silly but entirely avoidable mistakes.

In order to ensure a well-finished outcome for your home, we’ve pulled together a few common pitfalls you need to steer clear of.
Skipping Over the Preparation
While professional painters spend considerable time on their preparation, home owners embark on their DIY paint adventure without preparing things beforehand out of excitement to see how colours would look on their walls. However, to land an ideal pain job, one needs to get the walls cleaned and washed and complete all repair work prior to applying paint.

Picking Inferior Applicators
Home owners after spending a lot of money on paints might feel like skimping over their brushes and rollers in order to cut down on their total costs, which inevitably leads to unpleasant paint outcomes. Without good applicators and tools, even the best quality and most expensive paint won’t work. Buying quality applicators is an investment in the long run as they not just provide better coverage, but last for years when proper care is taken, eliminating those additional costs.

Going Without Primer
Painting walls without applying primer is one of the biggest mistakes home owners make while on their paint project. Primer is much more than just a substance that is applied on your walls prior to painting. It’s a coat that prepares the wall surface by covering all the flaws while giving a smooth surface for the paint to stick easily to the wall. What’s more, applying primer ensures a fresh, long-lasting look and helps bring out the true colour of the paint.

Skipping the Painter’s Tape
For professional and polished results, it is important to pay attention to each and every detail. With that said, using tapes around windows, doors and walls help you achieve clean edges and a smooth and polished finish. In addition, remove the tape before the paint dries completely.

Avoiding Clean-up
You are so tired after your paint job is done that you put those brushes and rollers in your store room to deal with them later or maybe not deal with at all, which is completely a bad idea. No matter how exhausted you’re, it would only take a few minutes to wash and store your applicators appropriately so that they hold their shape and can be used again.

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4 Factors to Consider When Rendering Your House

Even after painting your walls the best colors and applying cool texture paints, your house doesn’t feel or look the way it should, ever wondered why? We know exactly what you are missing on.
A well-maintained house can be an investment of a lifetime. Maintaining a house is much more than painting your interior and exteriors beautiful colours. You need to render your walls to not only protect them from damaging effects of climate change and other elements but provide aesthetic appeal to them. Whether it is pebble-dash surface or roughcast or brick and stone, rendering your exteriors would rejuvenate your house and offer a long life to your walls or exterior surfaces.
However, before you embark on your rendering project, take a quick glance at these vital aspects to consider.
Age of the Property
“How old is your house or building” is a vital factor at play. Keeping aesthetics of the building in mind, it may not be feasibly suitable to apply a modish render to an old, traditional house. Added to that, you will also have to look upon the materials your house has been built out of in order to apply render accordingly.

Existing Substrate
When using a render, it becomes important to consider the existing base or material as the finish you choose to apply on the wall surface, requires adhering to the existing material and move with it. So, before you choose your finish, take a look at your existing substrate.

Property Type and Listing
While most homes do not have any restrictions regarding renovation and demolition, buildings or flats that are listed or fall in a conservation area require permission from the local council to carry out renovations. So, if you don’t own a freehold property, you’re better off checking with your freeholder before rendering.
Colour and Finishes
Picking the right colour and texture is what would make your rendering work effusively. Consider varied colour swatches and a variety of textures to ensure the optimum finishing of your exteriors. In addition, you could consult with a protective coating specialist to get the most out of your rendering project.

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Brilliant Advantages of Texture Painting

A good and presentable home not only beautifies your surroundings but even defines your personality. Whatever you choose and the way you present your house defines your taste and preferences. Although you can give a new look to your place in many ways but painting it in different shades and colours holds its own magic. You can choose vibrant or soothing colours, sophisticated or simple yet classy designs to give an absolutely new display to visitors and peace to your minds.

When we talk about texture coatings, it completely gives a great finish and touch to the walls. Your ordinary cement walls can turn into smooth surfaces giving an adorable look to your living rooms, outer walls etc. Using texture finishes is like giving a covering to the walls to provide more elegancy and durability. Before texture painting, it is always advisable to render the walls for a pleasing finish.

Why apply texture paints to your homes?

[Know about ASTEC Paints’ Render & Texture paints to leverage maximum advantages]

  • Enhanced durability
    Resilient against wind, water, UV-rays from the sun and sudden changes in temperature
    When used as interior paints, offers extreme resistance to peeling, sagging, flaking and fungi-algae growth
  • Better looks
    Textured and slightly gritty look adds certain character to the
    Far better than wallpapers with various styles, colours, and textures
  • Easy to apply
    No complicated tricks required to ensure a clean and dry surface
  • Covers cracks and defects on walls
    Cracks on walls and sagging of previous coats can easily be covered
    As it is applied in thick coats, it is effective in hiding imperfections and uneven surfaces too
  • Low maintenance
    As texture finishes are extremely durable and resistant, it requires very little maintenance

Applying texture paints is simple yet complicated as it requires reasonable and uniform craftsmanship.

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ASTEC: Paint with Pride!

Commercial and residential Waterproofing, interior/exterior acrylic wall products, industrial primers, strippers, rust treatments, skim coats, texture finishes and elastomeric membranes are in demand requirements for most designing and architectural organisations around. A complete outlook with reliable products in the field is the want of the clients and investors, who continuously encourage the increase in any such offerings.

Colorful empty interior

Astec Paint, sets its high standards in workmanship and customer service. Extreme pride and expertise of the organisation makes step for it in being rewarded for huge volumes of South Australian heritage façade restoration. With an efficient staff including fixing department and total of over 900,000.00m2 in specialty of coating applications, Astec sorts its way out, among the best in the scenario so far. They have been working as South Australian owned coating manufacturers functioning in Adelaide since 1978.

Perfect waterproofing solutions are provided for all kinds of water ingress problems like pipe leakages and dampness in walls and roofs. The organisation ensures intactness in integrity of the structure. Wide range of waterproofing solutions are offered, known for their durability, water resistance and elasticity. Astec Paints Australasia PTY Ltd is privately owned, supporting and recognizing local talent and business encouraging secure level in exports worldwide.

Since 2000, assessments were made in the product line up in texture, interior, exterior, waterproofing, flooring, concrete repair, anti-graffiti, roofing and industrial binder/sealer/strippers. The most focused goal of the team is valuing assets with uncompromised personal service with best possible outcomes to the customers. Through Astec marketing strategies, ‘Quiet Achievers’, sales representatives were put into domestic market to present our story with products and competitive pricing.

Throughout Australia, the group has successfully established its mark with growing product range and quality. It holds seventy percent total turnover in exports to Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK, Singapore. Astec elastomeric wall coatings connect prevailing cracks in masonry, further remaining crack free over days and giving elastic protection against ingress of water.

For any such issue or betterment in the sector, just rely on Astec, providing best services and products to clients within the set time.


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Ornate the Archaic Walls with Render Coatings

You never notice how and when the walls with peeling paint or poor coatings become so unsightly, and even worse, when you get this problem fixed, it occurs again in the next few months. This miserable cycle that makes your living room look so lousy may not come to an end, unless these problems are dealt with:Picture1

Render & Types of Render

The question is: can a single solution address these problems? Yes! Render coatings can, especially because they are available in different variants, and you can easily choose one that meets your needs. A render is actually a mixture of sand, cement and lime, all of which are mixed in a particular ratio for the best possible results.

  • A cement render is usually applied on exterior walls to make them withstand the adverse weather conditions. Traditional rendering makes the surface free of patches and dirt.
  • A cement lime render is relatively light and more flexible, and is basically used for concrete block work and modern renovations.
  • An acrylic render is suitable for both indoor and outdoor walls, and helps clean off dust, oil, grease etc. It is water resistant, and adds robustness to your walls.

[Get to know a few more render types here]

Rendering Tools                                          

Rendering is undertaken using metal trowel, wooden trowel, brushes, sponge, masking tape, wheel barrow and several measurement tools.

Benefits of Rendering

  • Rendering saves time. It’s just a one day procedure for coating and finishing
  • It fills the gap between the mismatched bricks and other imperfections
  • A roller/ float can be used
  • It is water based and low in cost
  • Prevents seepage

Render coatings will not disappoint you like the traditional ones, and will make your walls strong enough to resist heavy rains, extreme sunlight and condensation, consequently giving a superior finish.

Get more render coating assistance by contacting Astec Paints.

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