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How to Choose Your Paint Colours to Create the Right Mood

Home décor is not just about buying trendy furniture, incorporating expensive accessories and accents or renovating rooms. It is about creating the perfect mood and ambience for your family and visitors.

Colours have a profound effect on both visual appearance and feel of your home. You can imbue your home with style, emotions and moods that reflect your personality and lifestyle by painting your home complimenting colours.

That said, we have gathered a useful piece of information for every home owner who wishes to utilise paint colours to create influencing moods in different rooms of their home.


Colours can work wonders for aesthetics of a kitchen. With endless colour options out there, you can go about creating a variety of moods in your kitchen. By going wise with your paint colour choice you can easily turn even an obsolete and boring kitchen into a vibrant room.

Suitable Hues: Generally, white, grey, red, blue, yellow and green will do for any kitchen space. However, you might want to keep red out if you’re watching your diet as it stimulates appetite.

Foyer and Living Room

The entrance hall and living room area are a place for conversations, entertainment and relaxation. Here you would want to have colours that evoke a sense of conversation, connection and encourage people to sit around and talk. The same goes with the dining room where you want to boost both appetite and conversation.

Suitable Hues: Warm tones like red, turquoise, periwinkle, yellow, orange along with earthy tones like beige and brown work to a great extent to draw people together and create a laid-back ambience.


Typically, a bedroom calls for a serene and relaxing environment. From unwinding yourself to relieve your stress and connect with your partner, the room has to be set in tones that promote health and tranquillity.

Suitable Hues: Colours such as lavender, blues and tints of green are amongst the best choices as they tend to calm the nerves and allow relaxation.


While you may be tempted to pick your favourite hues to paints your home, it is important to realise that those colours are going to have effects that would help serve the goal of respective rooms.

So, be smart while picking your options and make the most out of your investment.

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Repainting the Walls with Render Paints for Long-Lasting Protection

We all desire a beautiful home, but in adverse Aussie conditions, maintaining walls and ceilings is an expensive affair. If you live in a house where the unappealing walls that requires transformation, then considering render painting is the best possible option.

Why should you go for thin-coat render system?

Making a big hole in your pockets every year is daunting. Getting the walls rendered will release this burden for several years as there are many benefits of render paints:

  • Render paints when applied, helps in keeping the house warm from
  • Render paints offer protection against seepage – it will prevent gas or water from penetrating the brickwork, however water vapour will get the room to pass through the walls, thereby maintaining building temperature.
  • Rendering provides protection from cracks and drills – it will cover up the existing cracks and provide protection against wall fractures
  • Self-cleaning abilities- render paints are smooth, the stains and dirt doesn’t last long on rendered walls
  • You get to choose between textured and smooth wall finishing

Why appoint us?

We understand the ins and outs of wall painting, especially when it comes to thin-coat render systems. We help you can get over the typical problems associated with old walls and ceilings, which includes:

  • Flaky paint
  • Cracks and drills
  • Loose /hollow renders
  • Mould and the green growth on the wall (wet & dry)
  • Previous repairs with improper finishing
  • House renovation
  • Rain water penetration
  • Damps and water leakage

Whatever the project requires we are experts in providing wall rendering solutions to give our clients a peace of mind. Our executives will brief you on the rendering work and will also help you choose the best colour combination.

Call us today for a FREE quote or make an online request, our executive will make sure to get back to you ASAP!

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Exterior Painting Tips

Every house requires new innovative painting and decorations after few years. But at times, it turns into an extremely challenging, daunting and terrifying task if certain precautions are not taken. Professionals involved in painting projects adopt experienced and right strategies to give best outcomes and long lasting effects for your homes.

Exterior Paint

Painting and renovation work is a very intimate experience for artistic minds as the environment around you inspires your lifestyle. Indulging into consultation with a reputed representative can be a great start for your project. Exterior painting gives your house a completely new and fresh look and with the appropriate tools it can be done easily. Your house not only gets a well maintained look from exterior paints but even the walls are protected from various weather conditions.

Precautions before commencing exterior paintings for your homes:

  • Surface Preparation
    Well prepared surface allows the paint adhere to the wall firmly. Clean the surface and make the wall completely dry for the paint to stick. With a heavy scraper remove the falling chips and flakes of the old paint
  • Appropriate weather conditions
    Avoid rainy weather as your paint will wash away soon
  • Paint Selection
    Check the earlier paint done on your house as same paint products stick easily. Do not apply one paint over another as it will peel off soon. Use a sand paper to check the paint
  • Tool Selection
    Use a brush giving more even coating but for brick surface, roller is a better option
  • Painting
    Try giving lighter coats rather than one heavy coat. For painting larger and exterior areas, sprays always offer more effective coverage.
  • Clean Ups
    While working with oil-based paints, keep mineral spirit with you to clean the spills instantly.

Exterior paints require much more work as compared to interior painting. It is always better to hire a professional for roof paints and exterior decorations offering high quality services and much more durable paintings standing the test of time. A professional paint specialist not only paints your house, but consults you throughout in the proceedings for an enhanced get up of your house. Works of inspection and repairing cracks, splits, drywall tears, and wall caulking is convincingly carried out by painting experts. Quality painting companies are prompt, efficient and sticklers for a clean work-site, thus making your home unique and work easier!

Else, just check Astec Paints’ exterior paint & roof painting solution and forget about the worries.

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ASTEC: Paint with Pride!

Commercial and residential Waterproofing, interior/exterior acrylic wall products, industrial primers, strippers, rust treatments, skim coats, texture finishes and elastomeric membranes are in demand requirements for most designing and architectural organisations around. A complete outlook with reliable products in the field is the want of the clients and investors, who continuously encourage the increase in any such offerings.

Colorful empty interior

Astec Paint, sets its high standards in workmanship and customer service. Extreme pride and expertise of the organisation makes step for it in being rewarded for huge volumes of South Australian heritage façade restoration. With an efficient staff including fixing department and total of over 900,000.00m2 in specialty of coating applications, Astec sorts its way out, among the best in the scenario so far. They have been working as South Australian owned coating manufacturers functioning in Adelaide since 1978.

Perfect waterproofing solutions are provided for all kinds of water ingress problems like pipe leakages and dampness in walls and roofs. The organisation ensures intactness in integrity of the structure. Wide range of waterproofing solutions are offered, known for their durability, water resistance and elasticity. Astec Paints Australasia PTY Ltd is privately owned, supporting and recognizing local talent and business encouraging secure level in exports worldwide.

Since 2000, assessments were made in the product line up in texture, interior, exterior, waterproofing, flooring, concrete repair, anti-graffiti, roofing and industrial binder/sealer/strippers. The most focused goal of the team is valuing assets with uncompromised personal service with best possible outcomes to the customers. Through Astec marketing strategies, ‘Quiet Achievers’, sales representatives were put into domestic market to present our story with products and competitive pricing.

Throughout Australia, the group has successfully established its mark with growing product range and quality. It holds seventy percent total turnover in exports to Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK, Singapore. Astec elastomeric wall coatings connect prevailing cracks in masonry, further remaining crack free over days and giving elastic protection against ingress of water.

For any such issue or betterment in the sector, just rely on Astec, providing best services and products to clients within the set time.


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