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Is Your Home Prepared For The Rainy Season

Every house, no matter what it is built of, is vulnerable to harsh weather conditions and damage that comes along. When exposed to constant rainfall, not only the exterior loses its aesthetic appeal but also loses its ability to protect the interiors.


Rain water, particularly acid rain, contains varied pollutants and chemicals that attack the paint on the exterior of your building causing it to wear out faster than it usually does. Moreover, rain water can seep through the roofing and exterior walls promoting the development of mould and mildew.

What Can You Do Protect Your Home During Rainy Season?

The rainy season is fun and enjoyable when you have your home all prepared, protected and sound. Here are some considerations that will help you prepare your house for the rainy season.

Get the roof ready

The roof is the most vulnerable part of your house in the rainy season and the most expensive to repair. So, it is important to inspect the roof at least twice a year.

  • Look for damaged, lose or worn out shingles.
  • Check along the ridges of the roof for cracks and leaks.
  • See if there are any rusty spots and holes across the valleys.
  • Have the professionals inspect your roof in case you can’t check the roof yourself.

Clean out gutters

Gutters are installed for the sole purpose of funneling away any water that collects on the roof.

  • Clear out leaves or any debris to avoid blockages during heavy rain.
  • Make sure the gutters are structurally sound.
  • Make sure the gutters drain well and don’t cause water to back up under the shingles causing damage.

Inspect the Interiors

Besides the roof, windows and doors can also be an easy access point for rain water to seep through and cause damage to the interior walls.

  • Make sure all the windows and doors close and open properly.
  • Check door and windows for water leaks.
  • Make any repairs and improvements as required.

Prepare the Exteriors

Your exteriors walls are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions. So, it is important to invest in their protection.

  • If your exteriors walls use permeable paints, consider applying waterproofing coats to prevent seepage.
  • Install siding boards to prevent damage caused by moisture and rain.
  • Check the walls for cracks and fix them before they turn into leaks.

To sum up

Keep these tips in mind and prepare your home well before the rainy season approaches to avoid costly repairs, improvements and damages in the future and ensure safety and protection of the residents.


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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Considering to Waterproof Your Home

When it comes to increasing the value of your home, most people would consider repainting the façade or sprucing up the kitchen and even remodelling their bathroom.

What about waterproofing? Don’t water-resistant walls count?

Remember those unsightly damp walls, wet basement floor and leaky windows.

Does it make sense now to waterproof your home?

Waterproofing may not be one of the top things on your to-do list when you seek to spruce up your home but it sure is a great means to add much value to an existing property.

Unfortunately, some home owners skimp on waterproofing while remodelling their home in order to save their money and time. In addition, many happen to take the step but end up making mistakes that put their safety and home at risk.

Stated below are three such slip-ups you must avoid when considering waterproofing for your home.

Don’t do it yourself

The easily available DIY waterproofing kit at a nearby home remodelling store may tempt you to carry out the job on your own. However, you need to understand, no matter how practical and affordable it seems, waterproofing is probably not a DIY kind.

It might save you some dollars initially to not having a professional waterproofing your home, but the lack of inexperience and knowledge of the area will only produce unfavourable results. Also, you could end up damaging your home or assets which might cost you even more than a professional service.

Choosing an ordinary contractor

Hiring a contractor for your home waterproofing needs alone doesn’t ensure outstanding outcomes.

Having only a professional, experienced professional take on the job is necessary to get the most out of your investment. When looking through available choices for local waterproofing contractors, do not settle for the very first contractor you come across. Request quotes from several professional contractors and ask for references from your known ones to narrow down your options to a suitable service provider.

Not identifying your needs

Just a sump-pump or a waterproof paint coating on the walls may be all that you need to protect your home from the brunt of rain water.

However, if you don’t realise your exact needs, you contractor may trick you into getting unnecessary jobs done which they can charge you for extra. To spend your money wisely, ask for a second opinion and substantial reasons for the services your provider suggest to you.

Waterproofing can not only protect your home but save you the damage and unnecessary repair costs that may occur due to water and leaks. Steer clear of these mistakes to keep your home in top condition in the long-run.

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Considering Basement Waterproofing? Don’t Miss Out on These Waterproofing Considerations

A wet basement is probably the biggest nightmare to happen to a home owner. OK. There are many problems related to a residential property that can cause you a lot of trouble and stress, but believe it, a damp basement can actually send shivers down home owners’ spine.

Persistent leaks or dampness in your basement has to do with your foundation, the base your home is built on and what keeps your home where it is. Leaks, seepage or dampness around your basement contributes to the major issues in the foundation of your home.

If you’re dealing with seepage and wetness in your basement that are breeding mold and making your underground spaces unpleasant, you need to contact an experienced waterproofing contractor that can provide you with a basement waterproofing solution. While you find a reliable waterproofing contractor, there are a number of choices in basement waterproofing systems and solutions that you need to know about in order to have the most effective one installed in your home.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

A leaky or damp basement if not detected and tackled properly can get worse over time and lead to severe problems like unstable foundation and mold infestation.

What kind of waterproofing solution will go well with your basement issues depends on the specific situation and construction of your home and the type of basement system you have in place. Additionally, the cause of leakage or water damage has a major role to play in the installation of an appropriate waterproofing system.

Here are the three common basement waterproofing solutions you can choose from:

  • Interior Sealants

Most often its cracks through which water seeps into the foundation and undermines it. However, they can be easily sealed to keep your basement dry. Sealants are commonly injected into the cracks and openings to seal the path off and prevent moisture and water from penetrating through.

While sealants come as a great solution that lasts a long time and prevents humidity and leaks, they don’t prove to be an appropriate repair if there is strong water pressure pushing against the foundation.

  • Interior Drainage System

Having an interior water drainage system installed is another good way to deal with water that has make it into your basement through seepage and leaks. The drainage system installed will collect water from the footer of the foundation and pump it out away from the basement.

Interior water drainage system is an efficient solution that doesn’t necessarily require professional help. It is important to ensure the system works even when the power is out.

  • Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing is one of the most effective Commercial Waterproofing Solutions. The solution involves excavating around the home and down to the footer of the foundation and seal the walls with a waterproof coating to ensure water doesn’t penetrate through the walls.

Leaking or damp basement can be a serious problem and can cost you a lot of money if not fixed in time. To avoid any structural damage and potential problems from a leaky basement, get in touch with a professional contractor who can provide your home with the most suitable waterproofing solution.

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Waterproofing—the Critically Important Component of A Building Structure

Most of the roofs and basements in Australia are constructed using reinforced concrete having capillary tracts which may vary according to strength and density of material being used. Usually, the concrete is weak in tension and this is the main reason for the cracks and voids. This further gets weakened when water finds its way through these cracks causing seepage. Hence, waterproofing is necessary before it gets alarming otherwise you might end up spending a huge amount to get this problem fixed.

During the rainy season, avoiding the intolerable water leakage is something we all look for. It not only spoils the look of our house but also take a heavy toll on our daily lives. Water leakage can also be a major reason behind rotting of wooden furniture, leather goods, and can a breeding ground of viruses and bacteria. There are many reasons why we require prompt waterproofing solutions in order to battle the odd effects of water-logging in basements and terraces.


These days it’s not so hard to get the most comprehensive range of below and above-ground waterproofing product systems. But, what you need the most is a company that expertise in delivering the best results. Residential Waterproofing is a careful business, only the experts (technical experts and specification managers) should be considered to get it done. From our end, we must make sure to hire experts who would:

  • Provide cost effective and project specific solutions
  • Extensive product portfolio
  • Easily applied systems
  • Ensure long term durability
  • Seek prompt specification assistance
  • Provide expert technical advice and after-sales service

Waterproofing can be of several types, concrete terrace waterproofing, basement waterproofing and also for roofs, kitchen, gardens etc. In today’s ever changing world of advanced construction techniques and improvised building materials, we must pay more heed towards water related problems. After all it’s your own house!

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ASTEC: Paint with Pride!

Commercial and residential Waterproofing, interior/exterior acrylic wall products, industrial primers, strippers, rust treatments, skim coats, texture finishes and elastomeric membranes are in demand requirements for most designing and architectural organisations around. A complete outlook with reliable products in the field is the want of the clients and investors, who continuously encourage the increase in any such offerings.

Colorful empty interior

Astec Paint, sets its high standards in workmanship and customer service. Extreme pride and expertise of the organisation makes step for it in being rewarded for huge volumes of South Australian heritage façade restoration. With an efficient staff including fixing department and total of over 900,000.00m2 in specialty of coating applications, Astec sorts its way out, among the best in the scenario so far. They have been working as South Australian owned coating manufacturers functioning in Adelaide since 1978.

Perfect waterproofing solutions are provided for all kinds of water ingress problems like pipe leakages and dampness in walls and roofs. The organisation ensures intactness in integrity of the structure. Wide range of waterproofing solutions are offered, known for their durability, water resistance and elasticity. Astec Paints Australasia PTY Ltd is privately owned, supporting and recognizing local talent and business encouraging secure level in exports worldwide.

Since 2000, assessments were made in the product line up in texture, interior, exterior, waterproofing, flooring, concrete repair, anti-graffiti, roofing and industrial binder/sealer/strippers. The most focused goal of the team is valuing assets with uncompromised personal service with best possible outcomes to the customers. Through Astec marketing strategies, ‘Quiet Achievers’, sales representatives were put into domestic market to present our story with products and competitive pricing.

Throughout Australia, the group has successfully established its mark with growing product range and quality. It holds seventy percent total turnover in exports to Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK, Singapore. Astec elastomeric wall coatings connect prevailing cracks in masonry, further remaining crack free over days and giving elastic protection against ingress of water.

For any such issue or betterment in the sector, just rely on Astec, providing best services and products to clients within the set time.


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Waterproofing Solution(s) for Your Home/Office

Wet basements and leaking sewage pipes may go unnoticed unless the situation becomes alarming enough for you to find a permanent solution. But why wait, when you can call up waterproofing experts, and prevent the situation from getting out of hand? These experts, with their advanced tools and equipment, can easily fix the damage caused to your walls, ceilings and hose bibs by water leakage and dampness.

If you are unaware of waterproofing techniques, make sure you gather at least this much information:
• The type of waterproofing being carried out
• Is it permanent/ temporary
• Time duration
• Problems caused by water leakage and mould
• If the seepage is bad enough to further lead to foundation problems

Before availing the services of waterproofing experts, it’s important to ask around if they specialise in different types of water ingress problems. More importantly, hire those who not only save your time and money, but also follow a professional approach. Review the website and read the testimonials/comments before giving them a call. Last but not the least, you should find out if they not only offer solutions for basements, but for ceilings, tanks and roofs as well, and can do the needful without compromising with the integrity of the structure.

We, at Astec Paints, are providing waterproofing services that you can trust. Lets get to know more!

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Common Problems That Can Be Addressed By Waterproofing Solutions and Services

Water ingress problems, such as leakage and dampness, not only damage your house, but also affect its market value. So, if you are dealing with such problems, call up a commercial and residential waterproofing expert ASAP.

But before that, you must:


    • Check the pressure relief valve on your hot water tank

That’s because if the valve is plumed directly into a drain, you may not come to know of the leakage, unless you take a closer look.

    • Inspect the hose bibs

If the hose bibs (or pipes that you may have hooked the hoses to) are emitting any kind of sound, which you may listen to with the help of a screwdriver, chances are that they are in need of repair.

    • Look into every nook and cranny

Right from your toilet to the line that runs from the meter to your house, anything could have caused the problem. If at all there is a hissing sound, it may help you identify the source.

You can also ask the waterproofing expert to carry out these inspections for you, and suggest the most suitable solution(s). But it is imperative that you waste no time, because water leakage may look harmless at first, but it can lead to bigger problems like:

  • Loss of lime salt
  • Wall buckling
  • Mould, mildew, and fungus
  • Structural damage
  • Respiratory ailments and/or allergies
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Exterior Paint – Protecting Buildings Since Who Knows When!

Old is gold, right? Well, not always. Take for example, a building. The older it gets, the worse it is likely to look. Maybe not – just a coat of exterior paint and the building might just look as beautiful as ever. Simple, isn’t it? It is, provided high quality paint is used.

The million dollar question – What’s high quality and what’s not?

See, it’s simple – an exterior paint that protects the surface of a building from fading, temperature changes and moisture is high quality paint and one that doesn’t, well, you know it.

An equally important question – What kind of paint is best suited for a building?

It depends on:

  • What kind of building is to be painted
  • What kind of results are expected 


Unless it’s the White House you are talking about, let’s discuss two of the common options, ones that are easily available.Another question (okay, the last one!) – Is exterior paint good enough?

Well, for the outer surface it is – but, in case of other problems, say, the ones caused by water ingression, waterproofing solutions may work best. Likewise, if it’s about the walls, thankfully, they have their own knight in shining armour – render coatings, which help tackle damp penetration, peeling masonry paint and a lot more. learn more on waterproofing solutions at ASTEC Paints.